The first Indian disabled Arunima Sinha's biography to Mount Everest Fatah. Biography of Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha is a national-level volleyball player from India and the first Indian-disabled to Mount Everest.

Arunima Sinha was born in Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh in 1988, a national volleyball player, having been interested in sports since his childhood arunima. Everything in his life was running normal. Then there was something happening with him that changed the history of his life. What was the incident that he let go of new records.

Motiveshanal Word of Arunima Sinha –

Right now the real flight of this Falcon is the rest,

This paride is now the Imatihan of the rest.

Now I have Lagha Samadaro,

The whole sky has yet to rest!!!

Arunima Sinha, from Padmavati Express (Padmavati Express) on 11th April 2011, was leaving Delhi from Lucknow at around one o'clock in the night, admitting some vicious gangsters train coaches and Arunima Sinha began to chinane a chain of hugging and seeing the lonely Arunima Sinha did So those vicious thieves threw Arunima Sinha out near train Bareilly

Arunima Sinha's left leg was cut from the middle of the tracks the whole night Arunima Sinha lost the pain shouts with the legs chopped off with a nearly 40 – 50 train after passing, completely Arunima Sinha was missing the surroundings of his life but perhaps Arunima Sinha's The fate of life was somewhat more sanctioned

Then people were admitted to the aiims of New Delhi (New York), where Arunima Sinha was fight for about four months from his life and death, and Arunima Sinha triumphed in the life and death War, and then Arunima Sinha's left foot Added by the prosthetic leg

Seeing the Arunima Sinha's condition, the doctor also assumed defeat and advised them to relax while Arunima Sinha was vulnerable and handicapped by family and Risatedaro.

But Arunima Sinha did not have any shortage in his hausalo, and did not want to ghosit himself helpless and destitute.

"The adrift will only be found right, misleading, but not just out of the house." ”

Arunima not pause. To arouse inspiration and enthusiasm in the youth and the lack of nirashapuuran in life, they now aim to laghane the tallest peaks of all seven continents in the world.

In this order they have so far hoisted Elbrus on Africa's Kilimanjaro (Kilimanjaro: To the roof of Africa) and the Elbarus peak of Europe (Mount Tri).

Friends Arunima If the necklace was ingrained and helpless to sit at home, it would be a burden on the people of their home family today. The whole life gujarana them with others.

But his lofty freshly and confidently saved them from the breakdown. Friends have difficulties in the lives of every ishan, but victorious is the same as those who compete bout with Bulanad Hausalo.

Arunima Sinha is the glory of our country and we should take inspiration to fight the miseries and hardships that come from him in life. We salute Arunima Sinha from wholeheartedly heart.

In this way Arunima succeeded in reverting and forcing everyone to Chaukane. Arunima has proved that if a person wants a true heart, nothing can do.

Whether it be a woman or a man or a disabled. Arunima says that-"human beings are not handicapped by the body but are handicapped by psychosis". Arunima, he wishes to Fatah the highest peaks in the world. Four of which he has successfully retaken Fateh.

Despite the chukane of the perpetrators being thrown from the train, the Arunima introduces Jivat to the world's highest peak Mount Everest (29028 ft) on May 21, 2013, making it the first disabled Indian woman to do so by recreateing a new history. The record took his name.

Prior to the train accident, he is represented in the state's volleyball and football teams in several national competitions.

The Bharat Bharti Institution of Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh announced the Sultanpur Ratna Award to this handicapped woman with tri hoist on the highest peak Mount Everest in the world. In 2016, Arunima Sinha was conferred on behalf of the Ambedkarnagar Festival Committee with the Ambedkarnagar Gemstone Award

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